Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Send Thank You Notes to your HoneyLuna Honeymoon Registry Gift Givers

GREAT TIP: This is a real HoneyLuna Honeymoon Registry couple that took this photo in Bora Bora and then sent it in their thank you notes to all their friends and family that contributed to their dream honeymoon! Don't forget to thank your loved ones with special photos, notes and postcards!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Combine your HoneyLuna Honeymoon Registry with a GREEN / Eco Friendly honeymoon! It's a WIN! WIN!!

Go GREEN by booking your honeymoon with one of Apple Vacation's Eco-Friendly Hotels or Resorts

More than one million Apple Vacationers will hit the beach in 2011, but with the help of the growing eco-friendly vacation trend, their impact on the environment can be minimized, protecting the fragile ecosystems of our beloved jungles, beaches and oceans and enhancing relationships with the local culture.

Eco-friendly travel is more just than a buzzword; it is a way to preserve beautiful destinations for future generations and for the locals lucky enough to live there.

HoneyLuna and Life Events Travel are proud to partner with Apple Vacations, giving our honeymooners looking for eco-friendly many fabulous and romantic options.  Apple offers a variety of resorts that have made an extra-effort to preserve our planet. Eco-friendly resorts can fit any budget and will leave travelers with a more authentic vacation experience, due to a deeper understanding and respect for the places they visit.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

from Ask Amy - A GREAT response about Honeymoon Registries and Etiquette!

Smart Answer for Smart Brides about Honeymoon Registry --

Honyemoon registries through companies like HoneyLuna become more popular every day.  There is still some confusion though about the etiquette for honeymoon registries -- some think it's still not "acceptable".  

Well honeymoon registries are acceptable, and in fact are NO DIFFERENT than asking friends to buy you BBQs, expensive china or an espresso maker.  The fact is, most couples today do not need another towel, toaster or everday china.  Honeymoon registries are not about entitlement (as the questionner below says)  they're about requesting a lovely, experiential gift that provides memories that will last a lifetime.

If it were me, I'd rather buy my friends a romantic experience or honeymoon adventure that they will never forget, appreciate forever, and it won't end up in a garage sale in 5 years!

In any case, that's just me.... BUT....

Here is a response from Etiquette Expert Amy Dickinson responding to one of those confused souls....

From Ask Amy

By Amy Dickinson

Dear Amy: Regarding registering for honeymoon contributions, what gives? Where do people get off thinking they’re entitled to something, even though they can’t afford it

I can understand a bridal registry — it’s the modern dowry for today’s couples. But come on, where does this entitlement complex come from?

If you want to take a trip when you get married, save for it and put your hand back in your pocket, not mine. — Suzanne

Dear Suzanne: A gift registry is meant to provide the couple with things they can’t buy. I don’t see the difference between registering for a china pattern or a trip to Colorado. Wedding guests don’t have to adhere to registries; they’re meant as gift guidelines.

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